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We recently were in New Orleans and stopped by the world famous Cafe Dumont to try one of their beignets. These square shaped donuts were so good...we decided to make them ourselves! Just don't forget the powdered sugar...lots of powdered sugar! Check out our website!

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Lemon Mini-Loaves

Josh & Ange...

A husband and wife baking duo! Josh bakes. Angela chats and tries her best to keep up.  We have three kids, two cats and two dogs and our home is full of delightful chaos!  We love hanging out in our kitchen with our family and friends!  Come hang out with us on our youtube channel:

Baking With Josh & Ange


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Stained Glass Cookies

If you are looking for an easy way to up your cookie game, try these stained glass cookies. These gorgeous cookies are a work of art, and make a wonderful edible gift.


Lofthouse Style Cookies

Soft, chewy and delicious. Decorate with original or create your own flavor of icing! I made these with Strawberry! Whatever you better grab one quick, because these cookies go fast!


Raspberry Thumbprint Cookies

These amazingly simple short bread cookies are equal parts delicious and pretty! Thumbprint cookies are easy and fun to make! Perfect for any type of celebration!

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Great for a bake sale or just an afternoon treat. This recipe will come in handy for any occasion!


If you like Buffalo Wings, you will love this dip! Easy, delicious and perfect for your weekend gatherings!


S’mores Brownie Cupcakes! When you can’t make it to the campfire, whip up these delicious treats at home.

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Rachael Ray Show

Josh and Angela visit Rachael Ray and teach her some easy holiday recipes!


Pickler and Ben

It's cookie decorating 101 with actress Angela Kinsey (The Office) and actor/husband Josh Snyder! The couple stops by to chat about their YouTube cooking show called, "Baking with Josh & Ange."

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Tastemade "Not My Hands Challenge"

Josh & Angela take on the Not My Hands Challenge — Cake Edition and things got MESSY.


The Kitchen

Baker Josh Snyder stops by with his wife, actress Angela Kinsey to decorate holiday cookies and create a Gingerbread House Cookie Cake sure to be the talk of the table.


Home & Family

Angela Kinsey and Josh Snyder of "Baking with Josh & Ange" are making a fun party dip.